Making A Difference

    Alok Ranjan Live


    Mr Alok Ranjan is someone who has years of distinguished experience cutting across a wide variety of sectors concerned with economics, finance, industrial governance and others. He has always worked to bring change for the welfare of the nation and its people.

    His openness to sharing his learning, experiences, knowledge and wisdom through articles, talk sessions, columns, blogs, and other forms has been well praised and appreciated.


    Some of his remarkable projects as the Chief Secretary of Uttar Pradesh, towards making a difference

    Conceptualized and executed the Lucknow Metro Rail project within a record span of 26 months.

    Completed the 302 Km long, Lucknow – Agra expressway in a record time of 22 months.

    Initiated and implemented the Gomti Riverfront Development project.

    Implemented Energy sector reforms that transformed U.P

    Instrumental in the Development of state of the art, Cancer Hospital in Lucknow.

    Launched the women helpline - 1090 to tackle harassment and crime against women.

    Successfully launched and executed the Lohia village development scheme leading to the all-around development of over 10K villages.

    Launched the 'Dial 108 program', providing free ambulance service within 20 minutes, anywhere across the state.

    Revamped the complete infrastructure and operations of the 'Dial 100 program' ensuring police assistance within 15 minutes.

    Implemented the largest social welfare scheme – Samajwadi Pension Scheme covering 55 lac families.